This is a form of tanning by UV light, gradually promoting the production of melanin in the skin. The results are easily instantly noticeable and completely natural to the eye. Each session is 6-10 minutes, depending on the individual’s skin. It is advisable to start twice a week and build up to more regular sessions.

If your skin is fair and burns easily in natural sunlight, you will start on 6 minutes and slowly progress as the skin becomes more tolerant to the UV light. If you have an olive skin and tan easily without burning, you can start on 8 minutes and within 2 sessions you will be at the maximum time of 10 minutes.

We do not recommend that the skin is to the tan can for more than 3 consecutive days as this may cause a heat rash and irritation to the skin.
Please bring along a sweat towel to your sessions. Tan accelerator and goggles may be purchased at your first session.