More than just a candle, it’s an experience.

Incorporate the SoyLite candle massage into your manicure or pedicure for an unforgettable experience. You are bound to walk away with one for you to use at home or as a gift for someone else to experience.

This 100% natural, sustainably-produced GMO-free soy candle may be enjoyed on many levels. Each exceptionally long-burning candle has been hand-poured and crafted for beauty, functionality and gifting. Every candle is fragranced using expertly blended aromatherapy oils, each blend offering different ambient and sensory experiences, enhancing mood, your living and working space by engaging your senses.

Because the candles burn at a low temperature, the melted oil is perfect for deep moisturising benefits, leaving you profoundly relaxed or gently enlivened depending on the aromatherapy blend you choose.

While the candles provide many amazing benefits to your general health and well-being, what SoyLites really aims to achieve is to enhance your everyday through a sensory experience. The aromatherapy combinations have gone through dozens of iterations to create beautiful fragrances for your home and living environments, with the gentle dance of a flame adding a sense of serenity and ambience.

The sensual, warm experience of the melted candle on your skin is both instantly nourishing and easily absorbed, leaving your skin smelling and feeling beautiful.
SoyLite Candles can be purchased directly from Sereno Health & Beauty