Massage is used to manipulate the muscle by using different techniques and pressure. Massage techniques are commonly applied with hands, fingers, forearms, or a device such as hot stones. The purpose of massage is generally for the treatment of body stress, pain or relaxation.

Clients are treated while lying on a massage table, covered by towels. The room will be set to a comfortable temperature with a calm setting and soothing soft massage music.
Various massages are offered. Swedish is done using an unscented base oil and is aimed at deep tissue for muscle aches and pains as well as to release knots.

Aromatherapy massage is done using pre-blended aromatherapy oils and has longer lasting effects as the oils continue to work on the areas of concern even after the massage is done. Hot Stone massage is introduced by an unscented base oil then carried out using basalt stones which have been heated slightly above body temperature to release warmth during the massage, having an immediate effect on tense muscles and knots.

Here’s some tips if you don’t know which massage to choose. For extreme muscle pain and knots we advise that you combine the aromatherapy with the hot stone massage. For mild tension and stiffness, swedish massage is recommended. For a pampering relaxation massage, aromatherapy massage is recommended.

Aromatherapy is to be avoided during pregnancy, however a relaxation massage with an unscented base oil may be carried out throughout pregnancy. Patients undergoing chemotherapy are to consult their doctor prior to booking a massage. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled booking time.



Don’t like people touching you but desperately needing a massage? Try the Infrared Therapy Dome. The heat is set to be slightly above normal body temperature and the massaging features are increased, to create a comfortable setting, giving a relaxing massage. A single or double session may be booked. The single session will be 30 minutes on one side of the body (back/front) the double session will be 25 minutes back and 25 minutes front of the body.