Melt away the fat while burning inches in the dome. This treatment does something that no other conventional body system can do… it reduces fat and promotes smoother skin while removing toxins. Infrared heat raises your core body temperature to release toxins. Burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes.

The Infrared dome increases metabolism, burns fat, lose weight (not just water and inches), improve cellulite, increase energy levels, relieve stress and reduce aches and pains due to stiff joints, fibromyalgia and arthritis.
As every individual is different, fat loss will depend on the physique of that person.

The greater the excess weight, the faster, more dramatic the results will be. Some may not lose kilograms, but will lose inches and drop a dress size. Active people may not lose kilograms nor inches, but will achieve greater muscle definition and tone due to the healing properties and the recovery of the muscles.

It is recommended to start aggressively on the dome for 2 consecutive weeks (3 times per week for 2 weeks) then maintain with weekly sessions thereafter, to upkeep the results. A nutritional diet is to be followed with sufficient water intake to ensure the toxins do not get put back into the system.

Electrolytes are advised to be consumed after a session in the dome, not essential. (eg. Rehidrat, Energade, Powerade, etc)
Cellulite is reduced as infrared works at a deeper level and helps to rid the body of excess toxins which gives us the ‘orange peel’ texture. A lot of people reported that their skin feels like silk after a few treatments.

Infrared heat causes thermo-lipolysis, the process of using heat to break down stored fat cells in the body to be released back into the blood stream and removed from the body as waste. The body will continue to burn calories after the session. The calories are all burned out and will not return.

The Infrared therapy dome is fantastic for your overall well-being. The increase in blood circulation, increases the circulation of oxygen throughout the body. It is seven times more effective than normal conventional saunas and steam rooms and works deep into the tissues. Increases the repair and recovery process of ligaments and tendons.

Muscle spasms are relieved with the healing of muscle fibres. Blood flow is increased by inducing the expansion of capillaries promoting quick muscle recovery. Inflammation is arrested. The Treatment also enhances the immune system, reduces stress levels and combats insomnia.

Now you can relax your way to fitness and good health in just 30 minutes…
Remember to bring 3 bath towels for your session and a change of underclothing or a costume to be worn during the session… you don’t want to walk away wearing wet underclothing. A non-spill water bottle may be brought along.