A facial is the term used for skin treatments performed by a qualified therapist. There are a variety of facials and different products are used for different concerns.

Facials are generally very comfortable and soothing, although the extractions in a deep cleanse can cause slight discomfort, although this step plays a big role in a deep cleanse. After a deep cleanse facial your skin may be a little irritated and red. You shouldn’t plan to have a deep cleanse facial within a few days of major events where you want to look your best. For instance don’t get a facial the day of or the day before your wedding or matric dance.

If you have chosen a Spa Facial, you may request to not have the extractions, particularly if your focus is aging or hydration, the extractions will then be replaced by a relaxing facial massage. The Spa Facial focuses mainly on anti-aging, treating pigmentation, revitalising tired skin, rehydrating dry skin and reducing redness or sensitivity.

After the Spa Facial, your skin will look terrific with a beautiful glow.
If you have any skin sensitivities or allergies, you should discuss this with your therapist prior to commencing treatment. We advise that you keep your skin clean from makeup for 24 hours after the treatment to prolong the results of the facial.