Introduction to freelance services
All the below services are carried out by qualified therapists at the premises of Sereno Health & Beauty. These services are carried out by freelancers and not employees of the salon.

These bookings need to be scheduled far in advance to ensure the therapist is available, some have specific days only when they are at the salon. These treatments need to be paid in cash only. Some require payment up to 7 days prior to your booking in order to confirm your booking.

This is a pain free form of permanent hair removal is safer and more effective than laser hair removal. Each follicle is treated using flash thermolysis, which can be felt through a warm sensation using a probe. This technology is done using diode laser as opposed to IPL.

A diode laser is the best technology for hair removal and is safe to use on all skin types. Electrolysis can treat the following, where laser cannot: dark skin, blonde hair, grey hair, can be done over tattoos and permanent makeup.

Not only is the treatment done for permanent hair removal, but you can treat skin imperfections such as skin tags, broken capillaries on the face, white heads and sun spots, without the medical expenses of a dermatologist. A consultation is to be carried out in advance to determine the treatment procedure.